Kticker is a news ticker widget that downloads news headlines from selected sites and displays them on the screen periodically. Kticker is part of the KDE project, whose aims are to develop a powerful, free graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux computer systems.

Kticker can download news from ten sites: the BBC, 7am.com, ITN, SlashDot.org, Segfault.org, Heise, Tages Anzeiger, CentralEurope.com, FreshMeat.net and The Age.

Kticker is free software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means the entire source code is available for download and/or modification.

Kticker has now gone Beta, hence I am in bugfix mode. The current version is 1.0.0beta5.

Kticker can also be found in the KDENONBETA package. You can get this from the CVS snapshots.

NOW AVAILABLE: A package for Debian Linux (potato) i386, with KDE 1.1.2: kticker_1.0.0beta5-1_i386.deb

Tested platforms:

  • Linux 2.2.9 x86 (Debian potato, egcs egcs-2.91.66)
  • Solaris 2.5.1 (egcs 1.0.3)
  • Solaris 2.6 (egcs 1.0.3)

    1.0.0b5 Support for Melbourne's newspaper, "The Age"
    1.0.0b4 linuxFR support
    1.0.0b3 Bugfixes. SegFault support
    1.0.0b2 Heise and Tages Anzeiger support
    1.0.0b1 Colour change support
    0.2.7 New Freshmeat backend address.
    0.2.4 FreshMeat support.
    0.2.3. ITN & CentralEurope.com support.
    0.2. Redesigned main widget.
    0.1.11. Some documentation added.
    0.1.10. Now using Kurt Granroth's KAppTemplate.
    0.1.9. Delay feature added.
    0.1.8. Added a kdelnk and some ugly Xpms.
    0.1.7. Bug workaround. See README file.
    0.1.6. SlashDot support added.
    0.1.5. Bugfix for KDE snapshot 980613.
    0.1.4. Switch between BBC & 7am on the fly.
    0.1.3. Added BBC module.
    0.1.2. Fixes colour bug.
    0.1.1. Added configure scripts.

    Created: 13th April, 1998
    Last modified: 18th September, 1999
    Paul Dwerryhouse,

    Copyright © 1998, 1999, Paul Dwerryhouse.