Galen patches

Below are a number of patches I've made for Galeon, which will probably never make it into the main galeon tree because they don't meet with GNOME guidelines. Nevertheless, I feel that these patches make Galeon much less annoying.

Configurable threshold for opening bookmarks folder

If you have a folder with more than ten bookmarks in it, and open it with a middle mouse button click, then a warning will appear asking you for confirmation. It is my opinion that software that asks for confirmation is inherently broken. The following patch adds a gconf preference to allow this threshold to be altered, or disabled altogether.



There is one new gconf variable:

/apps/galeon/Browsing/Bookmarks/threshold_count (integer)

- sets the threshold that causes the popup to appear (disabled if set to -1)

Image animation menu

In Galeon 1.2, it was possible to select whether you wanted animated images from a toolbar menu. In Galeon 1.3 this was moved into the Preferences screen, which is inconvenient when you need to change this quickly.



Proxy menu

This provides a quick way of changing between no proxy, manual proxy and automatic proxy.


Also, see my Fixing Galeon Annoyances page.