Catchup button patch for straw


The following patch provides a toolbar feed catchup button for Straw, an RSS feed aggregator. I wrote it because I found that having to move my hand from the mouse to the keyboard to press control-C was rather annoying, to catch-up on those feeds in which you don't want to read all the articles. With this patch, catching-up a feed is simply a matter of clicking on the new button, as show below:


Straw VersionPatch
0.22.1 straw-0.22.1-catchup-0.1.patch
0.21 straw-0.21-catchup-0.1.patch
0.20 straw-0.20-catchup-0.1.patch
0.19.2 straw-0.19.2-catchup-0.1.patch


Download and unpack the straw tarball, change into the top level straw directory, and then:

patch -p1 < /path/to/patch/straw-0.22.1-catchup-0.1.patch

After this, follow the regular straw instructions to build and install.

Author: Paul Dwerryhouse (
Date: 15-March-2004.