courier-trashquota: patches for courier-imap & sqwebmail

Paul Dwerryhouse,, September 9th, 2002

When calculating the quota of a maildir, courier-imap & sqwebmail ignore any mail that has been trashed. While this meets the design of maildir++, it is, in my opinion, a bug in the specification, as users can keep more mail than their quota allows by trashing it without expunging.

The following patch disables this behaviour.

The patch: is here Current version is courier-imap-1.4.6-trashquota-20020909.patch. It is to be patched against courier-imap 1.4.6

For sqwebmail, the patch: is here Current version is sqwebmail-3.3.7-trashquota-20020909.patch. It is to be patched against sqwebmail 3.3.7

Previous versions:

1.4.6 20020909

Brief instructions:

  • Unpack courier-imap
  • Patch courier-imap with courier-trashquota using: patch -p0 < courier-imap-1.4.6-trashquota-20020909.patch
  • Follow the instructions of courier-imap to install.