qmail-smtpc: a patch for qmail-ldap

Paul Dwerryhouse, paul@dwerryhouse.com.au, October 24th, 2002

The problem: I needed to integrate a qmail-ldap server into a cluster of Netscape/Iplanet Messaging servers. However, qmail-ldap will only transfer mail between cluster nodes using QMQP, which is not a protocol that Netscape Messaging Server (or pretty much any other mail server, as far as I know) can speak.

The solution: The qmail-smtpc patch. Basically, I've taken the qmail-qmqpc.c file and merged in the SMTP-speaking parts of qmail-remote.c, along with a bit of extra code to glue them together. I've also modified qmail-lspawn.c so that it uses the new qmail-smtpc module instead of the old qmail-qmqpc module.

The patch: is here Current version is qmail-smtpc-1.03-20020901-20020909. It is to be patched against qmail 1.03 and qmail-ldap 20021001. (Yes, this is correct - there are no changes needed to this patch against last month's qmail-ldap release).

Previous versions:

1.0320030301 20030301
1.0320030301 (Stef Van Dessel) 20020901
1.0320020901 20020901
1.0320020909 20020801
1.0320020701 20020724
1.0320020701 20020718
1.0320020501a 20020619

Brief instructions:

NOTE: as of patch 20020724, the Makefile has changed slightly. You now have to enable clustering and the SMTPC features manually, after the patch has been applied.

  • Unpack qmail
  • Patch qmail with qmail-ldap using: patch -p0 < qmail-ldap-1.03-20021001.patch.
  • Patch qmail with qmail-smtpc using: patch -p0 < qmail-smtpc-1.03-20020901-20020909.patch
  • Uncomment the USESMTPC line in the Makefile
  • Enable clustering in the Makefile
  • Follow the instructions of qmail & qmail-ldap to install.