Tomcat 5 Debian Packages

Note (8-Feb-2006): These packages are currently unavailable. Since Debian now has Tomcat 5 packages available in its package repository, you should be using these instead. I will endeavour to build a Tomcat 5.5 package for Debian in the near future.

Since no-one else seems to have attempted it yet, I have built a Debian package for Tomcat.

The appropriate sources.list lines are:

deb ./
deb-src ./

Package name is tomcat5

Please note that I have cut many corners in order to make this package, and that you should be very wary about setting it live on production servers. It will not upgrade from tomcat4, and I haven't attempted to secure it in any way. Nor have I checked that all the required dependencies are listed.

If you attempt to build the source package, it will download lots of java libraries that it needs. I haven't made debian packages of these.

Paul Dwerryhouse