Wmreal is an application designed to sit in your window manager's toolbar, and allows easy access to your favourite realaudio streams.

[Image of wmreal]

It can be swallowed by fvwm's FvwmButtons, afterstep's Wharf and can be docked into WindowMaker.

Source: wmreal_1.2-1.tar.gz. To compile the source, you must have the Realaudio SDK installed, which can be obtained here.

i386 deb binary: wmreal_1.2-1_i386.deb. Although it's not a dependency in the deb package yet, you must have realplayer installed for this program to work, and the libraries must be located under /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/. I will provide a configuration option for this in a later release.

Note: this program is not necessarily stable, even though the version number is greater than 1.