Info about Paul

Occupation: Freelance IT consultant, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Previously worked for Versatel, b.v. (now Tele2) in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I managed all the Unix servers and networking equipment for Zonnet, one of the largest ISPs in the Netherlands.

Former occupations: Officially, Computer Systems and Networks Manager of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne. Informally, a Sysadmin. In practice, the job involved perfecting the art of keeping a computer network running to the standards set down by me, whilst trying to avoid spending any amount of time in an office other than my own.

Residence: Melbourne, Australia, after almost five years in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Where I stand in religious wars: vi, Linux, mutt.

Year of Birth: 1973 (BC).

Personal supermarket preference: One that sells food.

The last seven films I saw at a cinema that I actually liked: Hidden (Caché), V for Vendetta, Kill Bill - Volumes 1 & 2, Gosford Park, Italian for Beginners, Amelie

Favourite Charity: One that doesn't ring me asking for money.

Swiss Army Knife: This one

Contact Details: I have not yet made contact with any lifeforms other than those on Earth, but rest assured, I'm trying hard.

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GPG Key: here

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