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Paul Dwerryhouse (

Remedial is an audio stream player for Unix based operating systems.

Currently the program is usable, but very rough around the edges. The look and feel needs considerable improvement, some widgets do not yet function (most notably the pause button) and error handling is completely non-existent. There is no documentation, other than that given here. The source code is also very messy.

The program does function, however. It currently has almost 30 pre-programmed windows media, ogg, mp3 and realaudio streams on its pre-set buttons, and it can also play arbitrary ASX files when given as an argument on the command line (hence, your web-browser can be configured to launch remedial when it processes a link of type application/x-ms-asf). It currently has support for Windows Media streams, Ogg Vorbis & Mp3 streams and can launch Realplayer from its preset buttons also.

Remedial is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence.

Author: Paul Dwerryhouse
Date: December 15th, 2003